In today's polluted world, we are constantly exposed to all kinds of POLLUTION, through the water we drink, air we breathe, the environment we live in, toxins in our food, chemical pollutants, electronic frequencies & radiations and a host of other known and unknown toxic substances threaten our daily existence and contribute to today's top three fatal diseases: CANCER, HEART DISEASE & DIABETES.


STRESS is another major cause of serious health problems. In the modern days of busy lifestyle, the stress we encounter every day, leaves us feeling weak, tired, irritable and may lead to physical discomfort such as headaches, neck, shoulders, back pain and more..... However, one can prevent getting sick and live a healthy life by taking care of your health.


On the leading edge of health and well-being, Amezcua bio-technology wellness products are non-medical, non-invasive, natural, long lasting & highly effective. The 21st century technology has made it possible to apply the ancient wisdom of natural therapies based on the facts & theories of Quantum Physics that help support individuals to eliminate stress and strengthen the immune system.


The Amezcua wellness products are made of technically engineered natural minerals which have been structurally bonded at a molecular level, using high heat fusion method. Through the combination of minerals and fusion techniques, a positve energy field is created, known in science as "SCALAR Energy". The energy created specifically rejuvenates molecular structure in water. The renewed molecular chains are similar to those found in healthy natural spring water. The Amezcua products have been tested and evaluated by 'VARIOUS INSTITUTIONS'.... Millions of people all over the world are enjoying the benefits of these products.


VARIOUS TEST RESULTS reveal that the invdividuals involved in the tests manifested reduced symptoms of TENSION & STRESS, improved psycho-emotional disorders, BETTER SLEEP and an increase in the ENERGY and HARMONY levels and reduced disharmony of their meridian system.

TEST RESULTS also reveal that the Amezcua Pendant is able to NEUTRALIZE the negative effects of man-made ELECTROMAGNETIC FREQUENCIES & RADIATION (EMF) on human body. See for yourself the effects of these products INSTANTLY!

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Some of the known benefits using the Amezcua Bio-energy products:

  • Increases body energy level.
  • Facilitates transfer of nutrients in and out of body cells.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Enhances mental performance and improves concentration.
  • Reduces inflammation, body aches, joint pain, headaches.
  • Slows down aging process, rejuvenates and hydrates skin cells.
  • Strengthens immune system. Promotes better blood circulation.
  • NEUTRALIZES the negative effects of technically generated Electromagnetic Frequencies
    (Electro Smog or E-Smog) emitted by cell phones, computers, TVs, microwave, electric
    cables and other electronic gadgets. (Be aware of the potential dangers of EMF, see below)
  • Instantly energizes water.
  • Instantly enhances the taste of wine & other beverages. Taste the difference instantly.
  • Improves physical performance. Athletes claim improved stamina and endurance giving them a competitive edge.
  • Extends shelf-life of fruits, vegetables, juices etc, thus saving you time & money.
  • Enhances the growth & blooming of plants.
  • Binds the harmful effects of chlorine in water.
  • Reduces jet lag & tiredness.


Be Aware of the potential dangers of man-made Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF / Electro Smog) and its harmful effect on all of us, especially children



Tested & certified that Amezcua Pendant is able to NEUTRALIZE the negative effects of Electromagnetic frequencies (EMF)


Cell Phones and Brain Tumors?
Cell Phones and Brain Cancer?
Dr. George Carlo, Public Health Scientist speaks on the dangers of Cell Phone use after directing 7 years program of pivotal research.
Dr. Devra Davis - Director, Center for Environmental Oncology of University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute explains the risks of cell phone use on the brain, especially young children.
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Cell Phones & Cancer, is there a connection?
Dr. Alfredo Quinones, Brain Surgeon, John Hopkins University speaks on the potential dangers of cell phone use & EMF / electro Smog.
CNN News: Larry King Live - with Dr. Devra Davis, Director, Center for Environmental Oncology of University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute. Dr. Keith Black, Chairman, Dept. Neurosugery, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles & Dr. Paul Song, Radiation Oncologist.


'Contact Us'.... for a live demonstration on instant energy transfer into liquids and other things. Also see the instant positive effects on your body neutralizing the negative effects of cell phones / electromagnetic fields.



  • March 12, 2009 -International Scientists find Harmful effects from Wireless technologies and urge new safety rules for cell phones. Orebro University Hospital; Umea Sweden; Columbia University, New York; University of Albany, New York; Karolinksa Institute, Sweden. Press release. Click here...

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